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Macromedia has produced some amazing products for multimedia website creation, including Flash and Shockwave. While these applications seem similar, they are used for different functions on the internet. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, the choice between using Shockwave and Flash for your multimedia website is based upon your company's product, industry and the user experience you would like to provide your customers.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we can build entire websites in Flash, simple openings or embedded animations. Macromedia Flash offers your website viewers exciting multimedia interactivity with shortened download times. Using smaller vector graphics instead of large bitmapped graphic files, Flash can include embedded audio, digital video and animation that can be read by the vast majority of web browsers (over 98%). This gives the viewer smoother, faster downloads and a more complete multimedia experience.

Shockwave uses Macromedia Director for creating interactive real-time 3D graphics and offers technologically advanced 3D rendering for high-speed graphics and sound. The most common usages for Shockwave are computer games or 3D digital models and animations. Shockwave's 3D rendering can play a role in e-commerce websites that wish to offer 3D models of their products for consumers to view. Small to large interactive computer games can be created as well, from simple crossword puzzles to car races and more.

Dynamic Digital Advertising's interactive multimedia website capabilities utilizing Flash and Shockwave can power your company's website ahead of the competition. Using professionally rendered 3D Shockwave graphics and user-friendly Flash interfacing, DDA can help you market your company's product in the 21st century.

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