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Dynamic Digital Advertising is a leader in digital advertising in the Philadelphia metro-area. When it comes to website design and multimedia, DDA can provide a full spectrum of services including streaming video. With streaming video, the images are in compressed form for Internet viewing and displayed to the viewer as they are downloaded. Instead of having to wait until a large file has completed downloading, a streaming video is transferred over the Internet in a continuous stream and plays as it arrives.

Using streaming video players such as Real Player and Windows Media Player, streaming videos are decompressed and the video data is sent to the monitor and audio data is sent to the speakers. Usually the video is buffered as it is received, meaning the "buffer" is used to compensate for differences in the rate of flow of data. This allows for the smoothest stream possible at the time of playing. Streaming video can be from prerecorded video files, or part of a live webcast.

Dynamic Digital Advertising has an in-house digital video studio with capabilities in digital audio recording, digital video recording, editing, video compression, video duplication and the creation of streaming media for the Internet and CD-Rom. DDA can bring your company's website into the future of strategic online marketing with our wide array of multimedia services.

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